"Pauline is an expert researcher with great analytical skills and an excellent eye for detail. She knows how to elevate the results to the best possible quality, contributing constructive criticism and helping with practical insights."
“Pauline’s thorough understanding of wildlife crime; the laws governing wildlife trade; and the parties involved in tackling the illegal trade in wildlife is excellent.”

Tackling wildlife and forest crime


Technical assistance to NGOs, (inter-)governmental organisations and others seeking to understand and address wildlife and forest crime. (Criminal) research; legal analysis; assessments of laws and criminal justice responses; law enforcement strategies;  capacity building etc. 



Header image: Vidar Nordli Mathisen

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Criminal justice assessments

Assessments of countries' criminal justice responses to wildlife and forest crime. This includes an analysis of relevant laws and of law enforcement capacities and practices to detect, investigate and prosecute wildlife and forest crime and recommendations to address any weaknesses or challenges identified.

Legal analysis

Analysis of legal frameworks with the aim of assessing a country's ability to address wildlife and forest crime occurring within its jurisdiction through criminal and/or administrative laws.

Advice on (implications of) new or existing national, regional and/or international environmental laws or policies, including comparative legislative analysis.

Crime research and analysis

Research into specific fields of environmental and/or wildlife crime such as the illegal trade in endangered species, timber, hazardous waste, etc.

Law enforcement strategies

Development of multi-sectoral intervention strategies to address specific crime areas based on holistic analysis of different perpetrator groups and their motives for engaging in criminal behaviour. These strategies include both preventive and repressive interventions, to be implemented by different stakeholders.

Capacity building

Based on an assessment of needs, design and delivery of tailor-made training modules for government officers with the aim of building capacity to tackle wildlife and forest crime.