“Pauline is a generalist and a specialist at the same time, which is a hard to find combination.”
“Pauline’s thorough understanding of wildlife crime; the laws governing wildlife trade; and the parties involved in tackling the illegal trade in wildlife is excellent.”

Tackling environmental and wildlife crime.


Strategic advice, problem analysis, enforcement strategies, crime research and analysis, advice on policies and legislation, project management and capacity building *

  • Protected Area Management Review and development of Action Plan to address gaps and needs (WCS), November 2019-April 2020
  • Study on (illegal) timber logging and trade in Suriname (IUCN-NL), August-October 2019
  • Assessment of Wildlife Poaching and Trafficking in Bolivia and Suriname (IUCN-NL), January-April 2018 (Download PDF)
  • Study on the interaction between wildlife crime and security in Sub-Saharan Africa (Agrer/EU-DEVCO), August-December 2017
  • Interim Team Leader Investigations Team, Wildlife Justice Commission (WJC), November 2014 - October 2015
  • Member of the project team that designed and established the Wildlife Justice Commission, The Hague (WWF NL), 2013-2014.
  • Team leader/law enforcement specialist for Feasibility study to inventory, mark and secure Madagascar’s stocks of Rosewood (Agrer/World Bank), 2014
  • Analysis of ivory consumption and trade in China (IFAW), 2013
  • Strategic criminal analysis of illegal ivory and rhino horn trade in and through The Netherlands (Dutch Police), 2013
  • Analysis of possible legislative measures to control online wildlife trade in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA (IFAW UK), 2013
  • Needs assessment for a project aiming to strengthen CITES enforcement in the EU (IFAW UK), 2013
  • Feasibility study for the establishment of an international judicial process for the investigation and prosecution of transnational wildlife crimes. This analysis was the lead-up to the establishment of the Wildlife Justice Commission (WWF NL), 2012
  • Strategic assessment of options for WWF to support strengthened prosecution and sentencing of illegal wildlife trade in Africa and Asia (WWF NL), 2012
  • Legal advice on formulation and implementation of online wildlife trade restrictions in the new Dutch Nature Protection Law (IFAW NL), 2012
  • Analysis of possible legislative measures to control online wildlife trade in the EU, with a particular focus on the Czech Republic, Germany, Portugal and the United Kingdom (IFAW UK), 2012


Header image: Vidar Nordli Mathisen

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Strategic advice

Advice on issues concerning the implementation and enforcement of national, European or international environmental and biodiversity law, tailored to meet the needs of specific target groups, including:

• NGOs looking to expand their insight in enforcement issues and/or in supporting strengthened enforcement

• Governmental (law enforcement) agencies working to improve the effectiveness of their enforcement efforts

• Businesses faced with implementation or enforcement issues related to their activities

Problem analysis

Multidisciplinary analysis of environmental and/or wildlife conservation issues based on desktop research, data analysis, interviews and/or field research, including recommendations for tackling the issue.

Enforcement strategies

Development of multi-agency enforcement plans and intervention strategies including both preventive and repressive interventions, based on stakeholder dialogues and crime risk analysis.

Crime research and analysis

Research into specific fields of environmental and/or wildlife crime such as the illegal trade in endangered species, timber, hazardous waste, etc.

Advice on policies and legislation

Advice on (implications of) new or existing national, European and international environmental and biodiversity legislation or policies, including comparative legislative studies looking at legislation in different countries (in or outside the EU).

Project management

(Interim) management and coordination of environmental and/or wildlife conservation projects.

Capacity building

Providing tailor-made training courses and training curricula on (the enforcement of) national, European and/or international environmental and biodiversity legislation and policies.

Expert meetings and workshops

Organisation of expert meetings and workshops: including selection of and liaising with key experts and facilitator, development of agenda and contents (background paper, briefing, etc.).


Providing support to fundraising activities, including development and presentation to donors of fundraising proposals.